Gov’t: Chapter 10 Review – Due on Friday

October 21, 2014

Copy and answer questions 1-20 on page 286 in Cornell note format.

10/13/14 Homework

October 14, 2014

Complete 3 pages of Cornell notes for Chapter 10-2 from page 267-273.  Also copy and answer questions 1-6 on page 273.  This assignment is due on Wednesday.

Copy and answer questions 1-15, 17, 19, and 21 on page 236-237 to review Chapter 9.
Due on Wednesday.

Important Announcement for Economics

October 14, 2014

The test for Chapter 7 and 9 will take place on Monday, 10/20/14.

The Money project will be due on Wednesday, 10/22/14.

Money Project

October 10, 2014

Points: 50

Due: Wednesday, 10/23/14

You must bring a USB Flash Drive to class on the day of the presentation!!! 10 points will be deducted for wasting time to download or signing into your account.

Write a poem/rap/song about the uses and characteristics of money. Share it with the class on PowerPoint.

  • The requirements are simple, the poem or rap must…
  • Rhyme
  • Include all the uses and characteristics in your poem/rap.
  • Poem/rap must contain at least 10 lines.

Tips for PowerPoint:

  • Use size 24 font.
  • Eliminate any spelling and grammatical errors, a point will be deducted for every error present in the PowerPoint.
  • Learn the pronunciation of every word. You have control of the content in your presentation, so do not include a word that you cannot enunciate properly. One point will be deducted for every word that is mispronounced.
  • Use text that provides contrast to the background.
  • Use appropriate pictures for EVERY slide.
  • Email PowerPoint file attachment to
  • Include Period, name and topic in the subject field.

10/10/14 Econ Homework

October 10, 2014

Complete the Thinking Map for your assigned topic from Chapter 9, Section 3.

10/08/14 Gov’t Homework

October 8, 2014


The Ch. 6-8 test on Tuesday, 10/14/14 will cover the following sections…

  • Chapter 6, Sections 1-4
  • Chapter 7, Sections 1 & 3
  • Chapter 8, Section 3

Copy and answer the following questions to review Chapter 7 and 8…

This assignment is due on Monday, 10/13/14

  • Page 204, questions 1-15, 21-25
  • Page 232, questions 21-25

10/07/14 Econ Homework and Notes

October 7, 2014

Copy and answer questions 1-6 on page 217.

Chapter 9: Labor
Section 1: Labor Market Trends

Finish the incomplete statements below.
1. Companies are relying more on temporary employees for several reasons; employers usually don’t have to give temporary employees…
benefits such as insurance, 401k retirement plan, vacation, sick leave, and they can discharge them easier than full-time employees without giving them severance pay.
2. Unemployed individuals are either…
temporarily without work or are not working but have been currently job hunting.
3. In the “Information Age”, everyone needs… computer skills to succeed.
4. The learning effect is the theory that…
education increases productivity and results in higher wages.
5. Statistics show that college-educated workers typically earn more than people… who don’t continue their education after high school.
6. Benefits make up 28 percent of total compensation today. The cost of benefits for employers is a critical issue, mainly because…
health care costs have become so expensive.
7. Employed individuals counted in the labor force are… 16 years or older; they work at least one hour for pay per week, work 15 hours or more without pay on a farm, or hold a job but not presently working.
8. In the past 50 years, the United States economy has made a major shift from… manufacturing to services.
9. The screening effect is the theory that…
the completion of college indicates to employers that a job applicant is intelligent and hardworking.
10. Average wages have not increased substantially in the last twenty years because… competition from foreign companies has decreased demand for low-skilled workers.


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