Notice to Government Classes

February 9, 2018

Due to unforeseen events in scheduling, the due date for the Political Party Project has been postponed to Wednesday, 02/21/18.


Reminder: Gov’t Chapter 3 Quiz will take place on Thursday! Memorize the Preamble to the Constitution.

February 7, 2018

Econ: 02/07/18 Homework

February 7, 2018

Ch05-Sec2 WORKSHEETChapter 5 Supply
Section 2 Cost of Production

Cost of running a business such as a restaurant…

What are some of the fixed cost?
Salary for management
Cleaning crew
Property tax

What are some of the variable cost?
Hourly wages
Utilities – electricity, water, natural gas
Maintenance of equipment

Total revenue = price x estimated sales

Marginal revenue = additional revenue per unit sold
(Total revenue – previous total revenue) / # of additional units sold

Total cost = fixed cost + variable cost

Marginal cost = additional cost per unit produced

Profit = Total revenue – total cost


Government Group Project: Political Parties

February 6, 2018

Due on Friday, 02/16/18
Points: 100

Election Day is coming up in November and you and your classmates in the senior government class have a chance to register to vote for the very first time.

You are part of a group who will be analyzing one current political party and making a presentation to the class about this party’s solutions for the problems that confront the U.S. today. Since your role as “party analyst” is so important to your classmates, you will strive to ensure that all information presented is current and accurate.


Select one of the following political parties:

America First

Create a Google Slide presentation. You will divide presentation into five sections. Make up an original title for your presentation which includes the name of your political party.

Include the following items in your presentation:

(Be sure to present the information in bullets.)

Section 1 – Introduction
Write a brief (100-150 words, in bullets) historical background on the party.
Choose four major issues (including gun control, immigration, and two other issues of your choice) and describe your party’s position. Be sure to explain how your party justifies its position.

Section 2 – Party Ideology
Present a current campaign slogan used by your political party. Explain and interpret the slogan.
Using 75 words (in bullets) minimally, describe in general terms what your party’s philosophy is regarding the role of government in American life.

Section 3 – Influential Figure
Find a photo of a famous person from your party (1950-present) and include a significant quote from that person and interpret the quote.

Section 4 – Promotion
Create a rap or song (it must rhyme) with at least 10 different lines which reflect your political party’s point of view.
You must create a video to fulfill this requirement. Make sure it’s done in landscape orientation.

Section 5 – Mascot
Present the mascot/logo for your political party. Include a brief description of how the mascot/logo represents the party. If a mascot/logo doesn’t exist, create one and explain how it represents the party.


Divide the work up evenly with your partners working on each assignment.
Proofread all work carefully.
Make your Google Slide show colorful and pleasing to the eye.
Minimum font size should be 24.
Plagiarism is a form of cheating. I will be checking for academic dishonesty after each presentation. DO NOT COPY AND PASTE FROM THE INTERNET !!!
E-mail your Google Slide presentation to
Please just send me a link, not a file attachment.
In the subject field, type in your names, period, and political party. Failure to do so will result in a 10 point penalty.

Tips for Google Slide
Don’t copy and paste.
Eliminate any spelling and grammatical errors, a point will be deducted for every error present in the slide show.
Learn the pronunciation of every word. You have control of the content in your presentation, so do not include a word that you cannot enunciate properly. One point will be deducted for every word that is mispronounced.
Use text that provides contrast to the background
Use appropriate pictures for EVERY slide.
Use bullets to present your ideas.
Do not copy and paste.
Include Period, names and topic in the subject field.

Refer to page 124 in the textbook for you party’s web site.


The key to success for this activity is for you to present your Political Party in a genuine way. The rest of the class must think that you firmly believe what you are saying. No matter how strange a position may seem to you, try and understand it and present it as if you believed it all of your life.


Evaluation of this activity will be based on: the quality and accuracy of your research, visual presentation of your PowerPoint show, and your preparedness (spelling, pronunciation, and grammar) during your presentation.

Econ: Chapter 5-1 Notes

February 6, 2018

Ch. 5 Supply
Sec. 1 Understanding Supply

The law of supply states that as the price of a product increases, the producers will supply more of the merchandise.

The two movements in the market that are important for the creation of the law of supply are…
Firms changing their level of production.
Firms entering and leaving the market.

A good time for producers to enter a market is…when the prices are rising or if there is a potential increase in profit (when demand is increasing) for a certain good, it is usually a good time to enter a market.

Conversely, the potential for profit will decrease and some will choose to drop out of the market.

The elasticity of supply is similar to the elasticity of demand because…
Both respond to a change in the price, but elasticity of supply measures how producers respond to a change in price where as the elasticity of demand measures the reaction of consumers.

Critical Thinking

1. Predict what will happen to quantity of oil when the price rises? How about when it falls?

Price Rising = More oil
Price Falling = Less oil

2. Describe the supply curve.

The horizontal axis measures the quantity of the good supplied at a certain price rather than quantity demanded. Unlike the demand curve, it rises from left to right.

3. What is the key factor that determines whether a good will be elastic or inelastic?

Time is the most important factor. When the producers are given ample amount of time, they can usually adjust their output to meet the changes in demand.

4. As a producer, what would you do if the price of the good that you supply has been dropping for several years?

I would most likely leave the market and enter another market that is more profitable.

02/01/18 Homework

February 1, 2018

Copy and answer questions 1-14 on page 98-99 to review Chapter 4 and translate your work.

Copy and answer questions 1-23 on page 84 to review Chapter 3.

Econ: 01/29/19 Homework

January 29, 2018

1. Translate the Chapter 4, Sec. 2 notes from class today.
2. Copy and answer question 1-6 on page 88 and translate your work.